18 gorgeous ideas for decorating with plants (and how to do it)

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18 gorgeous ideas for decorating with plants (and how to do it)

Decorating with plants is my favorite past-time. There is nothing quite so satisfying as walking through a garden center, picking out the next potted plant to be brought home.

And since I move so frequently, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to play with plants in my living space.

So I’ve turned to Instagram for examples of all of my favorite tricks. Here are 18 ways to decorate your living space with house plants.

how to decorate with plants

1. use multiple layers

Sometimes, the only space I have to store my house plants is along a wall. If there is nothing near an empty wall, you can fill the space with different sized plants. Try adding tall plants flanked by a smaller plant on either side, each on a different level plant stand. If you can also add a hanging plant in there, then go for it. By creating multiple layers with your indoor plants, you create those luscious jungle vibes.

Try this DIY tiered plant stand or this DIY macrame plant holder to add layers to your space.

2. propagate vines for a full look

Vining plants are super easy to propagate and grow quickly, making them the ideal candidate for a propagation station or wall. If you keep them in bright indirect light, the vines will grow toward the sun out the window. With time, these propagated hanging plants create a wall of greenery.

wooden stand

3. choose colorful plants

Throw in a lot of different colored plants. Whether the dark green of an English Ivy, the white stripes on the Spider Plant, or the adorable pinks in the Pink Princess, mix and match all kinds of colors in your living space. 

4. fill your window sills with vining plants 

Put vining house plants in the corners of your window sills and the vines will crawl up the frame to catch as much natural light as possible. Place a succulent or two on the remaining free space of your window sill, they love lots of light!

5. use vines to frame artwork

If you’ve got some artwork hanging on your walls, then put hanging plants on either side of it. The best plants for this are Pothos, English Ivy, and Monstera Adansonii

Have empty space on your walls and you want to try this out? I love these two designs 😍

6. line your staircase

You KNOW that a houseplant perfectly fits on every step of that staircase. If your living space has generally lots of indirect light, then a few vining plants will grow long as they reach for the natural light. If your staircase is a bit on the darker side, then plants that can withstand little light, like the ZZ plant or air plants, are a better choice.

7. pair with mirrors for a jungle effect

Double the greenery in your home by placing mirrors in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Line the mirrors with some kind of green plant for a boho jungle vibe.

8. more layering with plant shelves

Cluster tall plants of varying heights in the corner to add layers to your living space. If you have smaller plants, then use a plant stand to display your potted plants at varying heights. 

Indoor Wood Plant Stand

9. fill recycled containers with plant cuttings

If you’ve got lots of easily propagated plants, then you can create a planter any time you’re feeling a little snippy. Carefully poke a hole in the bottom of the can and cut the top off. Fill with well-draining potting soil, then dip your plant cutting in rooting hormone and plant into your miniature planter. Let this plant grow until it needs a bigger pot.

10. put plants in your bathroom

Plants love humidity and there is no more humid place in your home than the bathroom. Tuck a few humidity-loving plants in the corner, add a few hanging plants over your window, place a couple smaller plants inside your shower. As long as there is some source of medium light, the plants will thrive.

11. hang vines from fixtures

If you haven’t noticed yet, we like the vining and hanging plants A LOT. If you’ve got a place they can hang from, then pop some greenery up there and let them do their brilliant magic. Just be mindful of the weight of the plant and the support of the fixture. 

12. fill your shelves

A small terracotta pot costs just a few dollars, making them the perfect little addition to your shelves. A small English Ivy tucked between stacked books will give your home a boho feel. Try painting terracotta pots to put on your bookshelves.

Painting Terracotta Pots in 4 Easy Steps
Painting terracotta pots is an easy, fun project for any rainy day. Brighten up your favorite houseplant pots with this fun DIY.

13. have a green corner

 If you’ve got a corner next to a window with bright indirect light pouring in all day, then get a tiered plant shelf in there and fill the shelves with your favorite indoor plants. The natural light will keep most plants happy, giving your green thumb a name for itself. 

Plant Stands Indoor Outdoor Corner Shelf

14. make a few terrariums

Terrariums are easy to make and can bring a pop of plant life to any space. Try our step-by-step guide for how to make a terrarium in a jar for small spaces, or make your own terrarium table. Learn how to make a small succulent terrarium and what to put in a terrarium so that your plants can thrive. Yeah, I’d say we know a thing or two about terrariums.

Vase Sculpture

15. hang glass terrariums

Hanging terrariums are better suited for a succulent, a small fern, or air plants. These are delicate plants that are relatively lightweight and would love the small humid space.

Glass Hanging Planter Air Fern Holder

16. put tall plants behind furniture in wasted space

Any space that cannot be used for something useful can be filled with greenery. That empty corner behind your piece of furniture? Throw some tall plants behind there. The space between your couch and the wall? Pop a smaller plant on a plant stand and let your green thumb go wild. Fill in the gaps with plants and you’ll be living in your own indoor jungle in no time.

17. make a plant cabinet

If you have the space and not a lot of natural light coming through your home, then try making a plant cabinet. These are so fun and help you maintain an ideal environment for your rare plants. Line the cabinet with LED grow lights and put a small plant humidifier for a truly tropical environment. This is the plant décor du jour and has fulfilled many obsessions over the last couple of years. It will undoubtedly entertain you too.

18. hang plants from the ceiling

If you can properly screw hooks into your ceiling, then pop a few of your indoor plants into some hanging planters. This will give your space a relaxing ethereal look.

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