10 ✨cute✨ indoor plant shelf picks to elevate your plant collection

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10 ✨cute✨ indoor plant shelf picks to elevate your plant collection

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If there are now more plants in your household than people (okay, okay – may that happened a while ago…), it may be time to organize your collection with an indoor plant shelf.

There are a surprising number of ways to use wall space and shelving to display your favorite plants, so we’ve made this guide to help you choose the best indoor plant shelves according to your personal taste and available space.

In this guide, we review inspired indoor plant stand solutions no matter how many plants you have and what your budget is. From simple floating display shelves to plant shelves that double as wall art, you’ll find something here to organize your indoor plants for all to admire.

The best indoor plant shelves to show off your plant babies

1. Best plant shelf for climbing plants: Wooden Wall Mount Planter for Indoor Climbing Plants by ShopLaLa

key specs: range of sizes and sets available | wall-mounted | carbonized wood

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This indoor plant display checks two important boxes for plant collectors: it’s both space-saving and fun! Like Legos or Lincoln Logs, you can buy individual pieces or sets to suit your desire. And if you run out of space? It’s easy to add another piece to your plant wall!

This retailer sells a variety of pots and kits to hang air plants, orchids, herbs, English ivy, trailing succulents, and more – but they’re not included in the purchase (check out how to make your own planters with materials you already have). The carbonized wood is a nice but unnecessary feature, inflating the price a bit of this simple planter.

Overall, this wall planter is a great alternative to indoor plant shelves that protrude from walls and makes a fun rainy day assembly project to boot. Cool!


  • Solid trellis construction using carbonized wood is water resistant and appropriate for both indoor/outdoor use
  • Wooden slats allow for a wide range of uses and configurations, supporting plant pots with hooks, pot holders, vertical plant trays, and climbing plant tendrils
  • Various sizes and sets available to customize your display and add more units if desired
  • Mounting kit included


  • The price mostly reflects the cost of carbonizing wood, which is not really necessary for indoor use

2. Best floating plant shelf: Free Floating Rustic Barnwood Shelves by Willow & Grace

key specs: 24”W or 36”W, both 6” D | floating bracket wall-mounted | Mexican pine wood in a variety of finishes

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These floating shelves are an attractive alternative to a plant stand that takes up floor space! Offered in six finishes with a depth of 6” for both the 24” and 36” width options, these shelves are suitable for indoor plants nested in small- to medium-sized pots in addition to books.

These shelves can hold up to 40 pounds and come with all of the necessary mounting hardware. As with any floating shelf however, you need to ensure 1) your wall is level and completely perpendicular to the ground and 2) your wall has studs where screws will be inserted, before installing. Pass on these if you live in an older home.


  • Solid pine wood and metal has a warm, natural look and can hold up to 40 pounds
  • These free floating shelves allow your plants to soak in more light than they would if placed in bookcase or shelving unit with sides
  • Reinforced cast-iron corner hardware gives lends a rustic, industrial look to these simple shelves
  • Endless configuration options for the confidant home decorator!


  • Not a good choice for homes with non-orthogonal walls (i.e. uneven walls)
  • These are a bit pricey for pine, however beautifully finished

3. Best statement plant shelf: Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf by Maghat

key specs: shelf measure 5.9″D x 17″W  | wall- or ceiling-mounted | hand woven macrame

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Make your indoor plants an artful focal point of your home by placing them on this beautiful handmade macrame wall hanging, with a built-in shelf! If you’re wild about DIY macramé hanging slings for potted plants, you’ll love this shelf – it’s our pick for the best indoor plant stand to make a creative statement in your home.

The wall hanging is woven from thick, cotton macramé cord in a beige that will go with anything, but is especially suited to the bohemian plant home. This design is best suited to three plant tops and works well in smaller spaces. The shelf is fully suspended, so while the kit included allows you to mount the piece with a single hole, we recommend adding an L-bracket at the center of the dowel to keep everything in place.


  • Beautiful handmade art piece and plant shelf in one with a boho 70’s revival vibe that makes a statement
  • Ideal for displaying cuttings, cacti, and other slow-growing plants that don’t demand too much space
  • Single-point hanging design means that installation is easy and relatively low-impact on walls
  • Goes well with the popular macrame plant hangers (not included) for your other plants!


  • More beautiful than practical, this design is best for a single medium potted plant or three small pots
  • We recommend supporting the dowel with an L bracket at the center to stabilize the piece, which isn’t included

4. Best traditional plant shelf: 4 Tier Wood Plant Stand Shelf Display by Tesouro

key specs: 40.9W X 40.9H X 9.8D | free-standing | carbonized fir wood

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This A-frame, multi tiered plant stand option in carbonized fir wood is full of traditional charm. With four staggered tiers of slatted wood shelves, this plant stand boasts capacity for over 10 potted plants. We caution against placing this indoor plant stand in low lighting conditions, however, since the plants on lower tiers will be shaded by the structure and plants above.

This option comes with a few gardening tools to get your green thumb going, and is easy to move around as lighting conditions and tastes change.


  • Timeless A-frame design in carbonized fir wood evokes the garden shed while adding a charming accent to your indoor space
  • Many plants? No problemo – this multi tiered pyramid has four shelves holds 10 (or more) pots
  • Comes with a set of mini gardening tools including gloves, trowel, cultivator, and transplanter tools


  • The slatted frame design is not ideal for books or mugs – stick to plants
  • Lower tiers are shaded by the upper tiers, limiting the usable capacity of this planter

5. Best plant shelf splurge: Marit Modern Industrial Wall Shelf with Metal Pipe Supports and Glass Shelves, Gold by Kate and Laurel

key specs: 6″D x 26″W x 31″H | wall-mounted | sturdy metal and glass construction

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If your plant dreams involve lush leaves and a bit of sparkle, this glamorous gold and inlaid glass accent piece might be just the thing for you. This is another plant stand alternative with zero footprint that adds a lovely decorative element on your wall.

Buyers praise these shelves as both heavy duty and fabulous! With two elegant shelves hung by a gold metal pipe frame, this metal plant stand is complete with a bar and six removable hooks to hang your watering can, keys and more pretty pots if you so desire. This plant stand option is All of the mounting hardware you need is included in the kit.


  • Adds a glamorous flair to white walls when arranged with your gorgeous plants and
  • Place or hang your plants in a variety of arrangements using two shelves and bar / hook options
  • Metal frame with four corner plate mounting is sturdy, durable, and structurally sound


  • You need to take extra care to protect the glass shelves, perhaps using slide protectors on the bottom of pots

6. Best adjustable plant shelf: 5-Tier Adjustable Bookshelf by Teraves

key specs:  low and high mist settings | up to 175 squ15.8″D x 68.5″H, either 41”W or 49”W | free-standing | powder-coated steel and wood in 3 color choices

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If you have a growing collection of plants or need extra storage for other items, this might be the perfect indoor plant stand for you. Standing at just over five feet tall, these bookshelves by Teraves are a contemporary take on the heavy, dark walnut bookcase. The open design features both flat and angled shelves that you can configure in 46 different ways – if you use all of the pieces, that is. It’s up to you!

There are really countless ways to display plants, books, and other treasured belongings on this plant stand. While heavy, you can be sure these shelves will stay put, thanks to the eyelet tabs designed to secure the unit with screws. The powder coating contributes to the durability of stand-out quality of this shelving option.


  • Five shelves boast a carrying capacity of 66-100 pounds per shelf with plenty of space for pots, planters, and tools, with room left over for potting soil
  • Side-less, backless metal frame allows light to reach your plants, wherever you place them
  • This plant stand can easily be configured and re-configured in 46 combinations, which is ideal for growing plants or plants with a variety of spatial needs


  • At 76 pounds, this shelving unit is pretty darn heavy! So measure and plan before you install – this one will be tough to move around
  • There’s no warranty, which is a bit disappointing at this price point

7. Best plant shelf for big plant collections: 6-Tier Wooden Tiered Plant Shelf Ladder by Homchwell

key specs: 47.2” W x 47.2” H x 9.8” D  | stand-alone | carbonized pine wood

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This plant stand option is great for anyone with a large collection of plants who prefers a lightweight option that’s easy on the wallet. Specifically designed for displaying houseplants, this plant stand features 9 separate shelves in six tiers that are ideal for larger plants. It’s made of lightweight, carbonized pine wood and finished with charming picket fence details reminiscent of the font garden.

At just over 47 inches tall, this multi tiered plant stand hast a wide, sturdy base but doesn’t take up as much vertical space as traditional styles of shelving. This plant shelf is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • 9-tier wooden plant shelf specifically designed for displaying for medium to large potted plants
  • Sweet picket-fence detail and carmel-colored wood lends a warm, rustic ambience to any indoor space
  • Carbonized wood resists moisture, stains, and holds up to wear and tear


  • The bottom tier sits directly on the floor, making it difficult to clean beneath this plant shelf
  • The shelf is so lightweight that some buyers recommend stabilizing it with heavy pots or storage bins on the bottom

8. Best bookshelf / plant shelf combo: 6-Tier Modern Industrial Bookshelf Display Shelves by Tribedesigns

key specs: 11″D x 39.3″W x 70.9″H | free-standing bookcase | metal frame and engineered wood in three color combinations

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If you are a book-lover and plant parent in need of space for both, you’ll need a bookshelf / plant stand combination that lets enough light for your plants in while providing structural support for heavy tomes. This shelving unit does both!

Offered in black, white, and black/wood color combinations, it features 12 individual shelves across 8 tiers (counting the bottom and top shelf) that can easily showcase your favorite big indoor plants. The central column in the three-column tiered design supports books without the need for bookends. The sturdy geometric construction of this bookshelf / plant stand combo piece lends a functional gravitas to your interior design


  • Modern metal geometric design with 12 individual shelves
  • Nooks and spaces of varying sizes are well-suited to small, medium and large pots as well as books and picture frames
  • Maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds per shelf exceeds that of most other options in this guide


  • Again, sadly no warranty – although customer service from Tribedesigns is reportedly understanding and helpful

9. Best rolling plant shelf: Bamboo 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand by Copree

key specs: 27.5L x 15.5W x 56.8H inches | free-standing | treated bamboo

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I really like this design because you can put it in front of a window and you know your plants would love that. It still lets in enough light so that your living space doesn’t turn into a cave, but fills your space with more plants. It’s adjustable and foldable, which makes it convenient for any space or plant sizes. I quite like that you can fold it for storage.

Some reviewers complained about it being smaller than expected, but that’s what I love about it. It’s not a monstrosity taking up too much space in your home. The bamboo makes it durable too, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Made from sealed bamboo that protects against insects, mold and water damage
  • Looks really strong (there’s a big dude sitting on it in one of the marketing pictures!), but the brand doesn’t list a specific weight capacity
  • Cute, economic solution for six or more small to medium sized pots
  • Easy portability Yes, it rolls!


  • No weight specification
  • Quality of materials is variable, according to some customer reviews

10. Best corner plant shelf: 4 Tier Wall Mounted Corner Cactus Shelves by lsonerbay

key specs: 7.87″D x 7.87″W x 41″H | corner wall-mounted | solid paulownia wood and metal in 4 color combinations

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Finding the perfect indoor plant stand doesn’t have to be a serious or expensive endeavor. Enter the cactus shelf: four tiers of strong, lightweight paulownia wood shelving interspersed with functional metal brackets in cactus form. Choose from all white, black, and white, carbonized black and natural wood, or all-black color options.

Can you already see your sweet little succulent collection perched on this piece in a sunny corner? These are easy to install and would make a great gift for a plant lover (as well as yourself).


  • Very affordable and gift-able alternative to heavy, bookcase-style indoor plant stands
  • 4-tier shelves specifically designed for corners have a reasonable maximum capacity of 8.8 pounds each
  • Playful cactus brackets are too perfect for your favorite collection of succulents


  • What’s not to like? This pick is just too perfect for succulents

Our recommendations

# Preview Product Amazon rating  
1 image best plant shelf for climbing plants: Wooden Wall Mount Planter for Indoor Climbing Plants by ShopLaLa 4.5 out of 5 view on amazon
2 image best floating plant shelf: Free Floating Rustic Barnwood Shelves by Willow & Grace 4.4 out of 5 view on amazon
3 best statement plant shelf: Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf by Maghat 4.8 out of 5 view on amazon
4 image best traditional plant shelf: 4 Tier Wood Plant Stand Shelf Display by Tesouro 4.2 out of 5 view on amazon
5 image best plant shelf splurge: Marit Modern Industrial Wall Shelf with Metal Pipe Supports and Glass Shelves, Gold by Kate and Laurel 4.6 out of 5 view on amazon
6 image best adjustable plant shelf: 5-Tier Adjustable Bookshelf by Teraves 4.7 out of 5 view on amazon
7 image best plant shelf for big plant collections: 9-Tier Wooden Tiered Plant Shelf Ladder by Homchwell 4.5 out of 5 view on amazon
8 image best bookshelf / plant shelf combo: 6-Tier Modern Industrial Bookshelf Display Shelves by Tribedesigns 4.8 out of 5 view on amazon
9 image best rolling plant shelf: Bamboo Rolling 6 Tier Plant Shelf Display by Copree 4.5 out of 5 view on amazon
10 image best corner plant shelf: 4 Tier Wall Mounted Corner Cactus Shelves by lsonerbay 4.6 out of 5 view on amazon


And that’s how our selection of the best plant stands stack up, friends! The traditional plant stand is only one way to show off your plants, and I hope this guide on picking the best indoor plant shelf for your needs has inspired your creativity. No matter how many plants you have, shelving them on a plant stand will free up sunny real-estate near windows and allow you to display them beautifully for you and your guests to enjoy

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