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Best Terrarium Tables That Are Perfect For Indoor Plants

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You know how you spend hours staring at your indoor plants each day, breaking your gaze only for mundane tasks like eating and going to the bathroom? You’ve got plants on your shelves, you’ve got plants on your windowsills, you’ve got plants on just about any surface you can manage to squeeze a 2″ pot onto. And now, you can even have plants inside of your furniture…

…with a terrarium table.

Terrarium tables act as a mini-ecosystem. The table is housed by a glass panel that is suspended above a planter with legs, – the perfect place to house indoor plants, succulents, and even cacti.

Pretty cool, right?

If this sounds like something you’d be into, here are the best terrarium tables to suit a range of different indoor plants and styles of home decor.

The Best Terrarium Tables

1. Best terrarium display table: SEI Furniture Terrarium Display Coffee Table

Key specs: 18.5 x 42.5 x 21in. or 470 x 1080 x 533mm (HxLxW) | supports up to 70lbs or 31.8kg | weighs 58lbs or 26.3kg

plant coffee table
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Display your plants in style with the SEI Furniture Terrarium Display Coffee Table. Its 2-door compartment is fitted with magnetic door closers while its black frame design will complement any home decor. This featured piece makes a great addition to any living room or dining room, and it also serves as an attractive coffee table or sleek cocktail table where you can enjoy snacks and beverages with family and friends.


  • Also comes in a media table design that is 30inches or 762mm high or an end table design that measures 21 x 21 x 24 inches
  • Sturdy metal compartment bottom
  • Reinforced glass
  • Doubles up nicely as display cabinet or reptile enclosure


  • The product will require sealing with a silicone to make it waterproof
  • No drainage hole

2. Best succulent coffee table: Square Terrarium Display End Table with Reinforced Glass

Key specs: 27 x 18 x 18in. or 686 x 457 x 457mm (HxLxW) | product weighs 32.7lbs | weighs 32.7lbs or 14.8kg

succulent coffee table
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With its beautiful design, the Square Terrarium Display End Table with Reinforced Glass is a unique and functional piece of furniture. It has 8 holes in its reinforced glass that allow for a healthy exchange of air, allowing your indoor plants to grow healthily. It also has a sleek, sturdy black frame and is perfect to display small succulents or to put beside your sofa or kitchen bench as an end table.


  • Excellent for small plant life and air plant varieties
  • No tools required for construction
  • Affordably priced


  • Because of its sleek, tall design, this terrarium table is the best option for heavy indoor gardens that require lots of potting mix or larger pebbles
  • The terrarium display console isn’t sealed so if you wish to house indoor plants that require a lot of water, you’ll need to seal the glass terrarium with some sort of waterproof sealant

3. Best round terrarium table: Round Terrarium Display End Table with Reinforced Glass

Key specs: 26.5 x 20 x 20in. or 673 x 508 x 508mm (HxDxW) | product weighs 35.6lbs | ‎weighs 35.6lbs or 16.1kg

planter coffee table
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The Round Terrarium Display End Table with Reinforced Glass is a beautiful piece that blends form and function. It has a sturdy iron frame, a recessed glass top, and 8 holes that offer fresh air for plant life. This terrarium style design is a great addition to any room of your home, makes the ideal home for terrarium plants, and couples as a great option for a succulent garden.


  • Sturdy, stylish and a perfect fit for your living space
  • Made of durable and long-lasting materials that’s easy to clean and maintain
  • The reinforced glass top gives you a clear view of your beautiful terrarium plants
  • The round shape adds a touch of class to your home


  • This table is not suitable for use for weight intensive indoor gardens
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Now, let’s fill your new terrarium table with plant life

The fun part, let’s look at what you can use in your new terrarium table with a terrarium style that fits the feel of your home. There are a ton of different options, you could opt for some stunning greenery like a moss garden, you could shoot for a dry savannah filled with cacti and gnarled pieces of wood, or, if the terrarium table is sealed, you could even go with a hydroponic scene filled with water-loving plants.

Read through my guide to setting up an indoor terrarium for steps to filling your terrarium table!


How to make a terrarium table?

There are several different ways to make a terrarium table. One of the easier ways is to use a fish tank, glass container, or large glass bowl, make a wood finish stand or make use of some metal shelves, and viola. You could also use a pre-loved display table from a thrift shop, tidy it up a little, and bada bing bada boom – a super easy terrarium table. Or, you can construct one yourself using a few panes of glass, a few lengths of wood, some wood glue, and a little know-how.

To see how we made our terrarium table, check out our DIY Terrarium Table step-by-step guide here.


Whether you’re looking for a novel way to bring more plants into a tight living space or you want to add some greenery to your computer desk, a terrarium table is a great addition to your indoor garden. The best part is, that terrarium tables are very versatile. They can grow small plants like succulents, tropical plants, and hydroponic plants which all take well to a terrarium ecosystem. 

Have fun with your experiment, and don’t be afraid to get a bit messy – don’t worry, it’ll be a beautiful mess. You might just discover that your new terrarium table opens your eyes to the possibilities of gardening behind glass, introducing you to a hobby that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

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