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36 gifts for plant lovers that will make their hearts sing

If you’ve got a plant parent in your life, then you know that they are obsessed with their little plant babies. And what better way to celebrate the plant lovers in your life than with a thoughtful gift that will nourish their ahem obsession with their house plants?

As a plant person myself, I’ve tried many gardening tools, pots, plant food, and plants themselves, so I have a pretty good idea what will make a plant person’s heart sing.

I can also share with you what would actually be useful to have around. Here are my 2022 recommendations for gifts for plant lovers, most of which you can buy on Amazon (except the Arber plant food).

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Rare indoor plants (live!)

I promise you that what every plant person wants is more plants. A new plant is like having a new purpose to live. Eventually, we will cover every available surface in our homes with plants, if life were so kind as to allow us the opportunity. And these new plants below are exactly what all plant lovers have their eyes on.

Pearls & Jade Variegated Pothos (Under $20)

Where to get it: Amazon

This is a great gift on a budget because it ticks all of the boxes that plant parents have for bringing home a new plant:

  • Pothos – easy to care for
  • Variegated – it’s kinda the obsession of the decade
  • Under $20 – no too bad on the wallet and no hard feelings if the plant (God forbid) doesn’t make it

Velvet Leaf Philodendron (Under $30)

Where to get it: Amazon

It’s the “velvet” for me, and probably will be for your plant person too. Philodendrons are relatively easy to care for and the velvet touch will make it one of the best gifts your loved one receives all year.

Alocasia ‘Black Velvet’ (Under $30)

Where to get it: Amazon

Again with the velvet, except that now it’s an Alocasia, and Alocasias are a sexy breed of indoor plants that look good in the home. Alocasias can be finnicky, though, which is what makes this a very exciting plant to care for. It requires a special kind of attunement between the plant and its host. If you get this for the plant lover in your life, then you will be gifting them a long, rewarding plant-ship.

Regal Shield Elephant Ear (Under $30)

Where to get it: Amazon

Elephant ears make stunning house plants, thanks to their broad green leaves. Their great for those still developing their green thumbs because though they’re easy to care for, they still require a lot of attention. They’ll need lots of water and regular feeding, and they can grow big and take up a lot of space. These are two reasons why plant lovers go wild for this plant, but are important considerations if your loved one travels a lot or has extremely limited living space.

Syngonium Podophyllum Albo-Variegatum (Under $60)

Where to get it: Amazon

Now we’re stepping it up a bit with this variegated Syngonium. The best part about these very popular houseplants (Syngoniums) is that they’re ridiculously easy to care for. And everyone who loves plants would love a variegated plant, especially one that’s low maintenance.

Alocasia Dawn, Variegated (Under $200)

Where to get it: Amazon

We have arrived at the ultimate gift for plant parents: the very large, very stunning variegated Alocasia Dawn.

hold for applause

If your loved one is your spouse or significant other, then this is the one you want. It will say

  • I love you!
  • I see you!
  • I’m with you!
  • Let’s see how far this plant obsession can go!

This unique gift will certainly leave an impression this year. Let me know in the comments if you go with this one 😉

Plant Books on Amazon

If the plant lover in your life also happens to be a book lover (you know the kind 🙋‍♀️), then here are a few gift options for the plant lovers who already have all of the plant things:

Helpful tips and gardening journals:

For the plant parent that is also a human parent:

For stunning coffee table books:

Indoor plant tools and accessories

The best gifts for plant people are also all of the things that help them care for their indoor plants. Here are some of my favorite indoor garden items for gift giving:

Bubblegum Stuff Plant Life Support (Under $10)

Where to get it: Amazon

I’ve talked a lot about my travails trying to water my plants while on vacation. I’ve used watering globes, a drip irrigation system, and a bottom watering planter, all to the demise of one plant or another. What I needed was a self watering planter, one that administers its own water according to its needs. Rather than treating every plant the same, whether with a watering globe or an irrigation system with a timer, you can adjust the way water is released with this cute Bubblegum Stuff Plant Life Support. This is great for small plants that don’t need much water at a time, or thirsty plants (like my bird’s nest fern) where a water reservoir underneath the plant isn’t enough.

Microfiber gloves (Under $10)

Where to get it: Amazon

What I’ve learned from living all over the world is that everywhere is dusty. Living in a city is dusty, living on the beach is dusty, living in the country is dusty, living in the mountains is dusty. Every single plant parent could use a microfiber glove to dust their house plants.

Transplanting/repotting mat (Under $10)

Where to get it: Amazon

I’ve mostly lived in apartments without an outdoor space, so this repotting mat made it super easy to care for my potted plants indoors without making a mess.

Plant socks (Under $10)

Where to get it: Amazon

These adorable socks aren’t for the plants themselves but will make any plant parent smile. My mom gets me some variation of these every year and every year they’re my most used gift.

moisture meter (Under $15)

Where to get it: Amazon

This 3-in-1 soil moisture meter is designed to help you better know the condition of your plant, detect soil moisture and determine if plants receive enough sunlight to keep them growing healthier and happier. Founded on scientific data and monitoring, it can help you control every detail and track all changes about your plants. Whether it’s a stick of celery in a pot or any other plant, this tool will tell you what’s going on beneath the surface!

Fiskars micro-tip pruning snips (Under $15)

Where to get it: Amazon

Your friend’s plants deserve better than their household scissors when it comes to pruning and propagating. Fiskars pruning snips are designed to make pruning easier and more precise. The precision-ground micro-tip blade gives the gardener a sharp, clean cut without damaging the plant. The non-stick coating reduces jamming and buildup of sticky resin so you can keep on trimming.

Hygrometer (Under $15)

Where to get it: Amazon

This digital hygrometer and indoor thermometer measures temperature and relative humidity level in your house, office or greenhouse. It provides accurate readings for temperature and relative humidity changes in indoor environments. This enables you to maintain ideal growing conditions for all plants you have at home…

…which is exactly what every plant lover wants.  It is an ideal tool to monitor the room’s climate so that you can take corrective measures if the environment is not conducive for plant growth. (pairs well with a humidifier and dehumidifier)

self-watering pots (Under $15)

Where to get it: Amazon

This patented design integrates a self-watering feature into the body of the plant. This stretches down into the reservoir to allow the soil itself to draw water while lifting your planter above the water, keeping its delicate root system from being flooded, while minimizing upkeep and eliminating common problems associated with other plant pots and over watering.

An airstone for hydroponics (Under $20)

Where to get it: Amazon

Air stones are great for people who travel lots or have a lot of plants growing in water. They keep the water fresh and are super low maintenance. These air stones will change the way your plant lover grows plants, I guarantee it.

Hanging glass planter (Under $20)

Where to get it: Amazon

One of my favorite ways to display propagation stations is by hanging them on an otherwise boring wall. This Mkono Plant Terrarium is a trendy way to show off your green thumb. It has 3 mini bulb shaped glass vases suspended in a wooden frame, which makes for an aesthetically pleasing hanging plant holder. It can be used to propagate plant cuttings and showcase them in the home in a stylish way. Why we love it: it adds a bit of greenery to the wall

Geometric terrarium planter (Under $30)

Where to get it: Amazon

This cutie provides any plant parent with a fun little plant hobby. It’s perfect for caring for small plants that don’t quite need pots, like air plants, succulents, ferns and vining plants.

Arber organic plant food (Under $30)

Where to get it: Walmart

I recently started using Arber plant food because it’s an organic product made from leftover supermarket food. When it comes to giving gifts in the spirit of giving, this plant food certainly ticks all of the boxes.

Small and discreet humidifier (Under $30)

Where to get it: Amazon

The key to every happy garden is humidity. While certain potted plants can handle relatively low humidity, most plants will appreciate a steady stream of moisture in the air. A small, discreet humidifier like this one is fantastic because it can sit next to any plants that need particularly high humidity. It also can easily stay hidden behind the plants, keeping clutter to a minimum.

Succulent Plant Cactus Wine Gifts (Under $30)

Where to get it: Amazon

This is a fun and indulgent nod to their plant obsession. The best part? You can both partake in its uses 😉

Astronaut Planter (Under $40)

Where to get it: Amazon

A fun little planter that I am absolutely in love with is this tiny backlit astronaut planter. It’s not something you can find in stores easily, making it the perfect quirky little gift for your plant loving friend.

DIY bonsai kit (Under $40)

Where to get it: Amazon

Growing bonsais is a lifelong hobby and passion, so this Mini Bonsai Plant Growing Kit is a project that will keep you busy for quite some time. It comes with 4 types of seeds, a wooden potting soil, a small wooden box to plant the seeds in, pruning shears and a marker pen to label the tree. This product will make your loved ones feel special as they grow their own bonsai tree.

Heated mat for seed raising (Under $40)

Where to get it: Amazon

It might not snow in the winter, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still freezing cold. When you have a house full of plants it’s the perfect time to invest in a heating mat that will ensure you get an ambience of warmth during colder months while also keeping your plant’s roots at a constant temperature. The VIVOSUN heat mat helps maintain sweet-spot temperatures between 20-30 degrees Celsius which is perfect for seedling starting and cutting propagation. If you’re planning on using the heating mat with humidity domes, this durable mat ensures your seeds never scorch or dry out thanks to its thick anti-burn layer. With the separate switches built in, you can quickly set the temperature or change the display between Fahrenheit/Celsius with ease.

Seed starter kit (Under $60)

Where to get it: Amazon

Any plant lover you know will eventually venture into growing herbs and veggies indoors as well. And so they’ll also start exploring seed germination and sprouting too. The best way to give them dreamlike conditions for their favorite hobby is to send them a seed starter kit. 

The details: As a seedling heat mat, this 60 cell seed starter kit makes it easy to grow vegetable and herbs seeds or cuttings indoors. It can be used as a propagation mat to warm the soil and provide optimum growing conditions for germinating seeds and rooting plant cuttings.

Hand blown glass terrarium on driftwood (Under $100)

Where to get it: Amazon

This fills no necessity but is damn fun to look at. I had one when I was living in Victoria, Australia. We collected moss from the nearby forest and grew little ferns and native plants in this gorgeous terrarium. I remember misting it every afternoon so that the humidity would stay high. When I would reach my hand in to adjust something, I could feel the damp heat that kept this terrarium thriving. It is one of my fondest indoor gardening memories and will surely be the same for your loved one.

Home composting kits (Under $100)

Where to get it: Amazon

Worm composters are the greatest thing since sliced bread! The compost they produce prepare your soil for your favorite veggies or use it to make homemade potting mix. The only known way to recycle food and household waste into worm castings, this efficient indoor compost system can be used year round for creating rich and healthy compost that is perfect for adding nutrients to the garden or flower beds.  If you don’t have a food scrap problem, will provide you with endless amusement as you watch hundreds of tiny red wigglers squirm through your kitchen scraps.

aerogarden harvest (Under $200)

Where to get it: Amazon

Grow fresh herbs, salad greens and other plants year-round with this convenient indoor herb garden. The LED grow light provides the optimal spectrum of light for plant growth and ensures your harvest will flourish. It makes having an urban herb garden extremely easy.

3 Tier Heavy Duty Plant Stand (Under $200)

Where to get it: Amazon

You’d have to really know your loved one well to be sure that this is the right gift for them. Do they have enough living space for this? Would they like the style? Those kinds of things. What I know is that I would actually really like this and might get it for myself when we head back to Australia next year. Right now, my plants are lined along the floor and staircase. If I could go vertical, then I’d save a lot of space and have more to look at, at eye level 😍

What did you think?

Did I nail the list? Is there anything missing? What was your favorite plant gift that you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments so that others can see your suggestions 🙂

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  1. Excellent list; I look forward to utilizing at least some of these items as I start my indoor plant projects.

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