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10 gifts for plant lovers that they don’t already have

Coming up with the perfect gift idea isn’t all that hard when you’ve got a plant parent in your close circle.

Whether they’ve got a botanical garden or they’ve only just brought home their very first plant babies, your plant loving friend will gladly welcome any one of these gifts into their home.

While I think there are tons of cute houseplant accessories out there that any plant parent would love, I am speaking from experience when I say these items will absolutely shatter their world.

These gifts will bring out your plant loving friend’s green thumb and will likely only intensify their obsession. So, gift with caution.

the best gifts for plant lovers, according to a plant lover

hanging glass planter

This hanging planter is a trendy way to show off your green thumb and to multiply your plant babies. It has 3 mini bulb shaped glass vases suspended in a wooden frame, which makes for an aesthetically pleasing hanging plant holder. It can be used to propagate plant cuttings and showcase them in the home in a stylish way. 

Why we love it: it adds a bit of greenery to the wall 

aerogarden harvest

Any plant person will tell you the thrill of watching plants grow right before your eyes, so imagine having an entire herb garden right at eye level in your kitchen. Grow fresh herbs, salad greens, and other plants year-round with this convenient indoor garden. The LED grow light provides the optimal spectrum of light for plant growth and ensures your harvest will flourish. The aeroponic system delivers oxygen to plants, which means you can cut down on weeding and watering – excellent for those who don’t have access to a green thumb or outdoor space!

home worm composting kits

Speaking from experience, the natural next step in your plant journey after obsession is the worm composting phase. It is possibly the most fun a plant person can have that doesn’t actually involve any plants. A worm farm is what every indoor plant lover needs for thriving plants. The only known way to recycle food and household waste into worm castings, this efficient indoor compost system can be used year round for creating rich and healthy compost that is perfect for adding nutrients to the garden or flower beds.  If you don’t have a food scrap problem, then this will provide you with endless amusement as you watch hundreds of tiny red wigglers squirm through your kitchen scraps.

self-watering pots

This is not just any other plant pot. This is a self-watering plant pot that will make a botanical garden out of your indoor plant collection, thanks to its on demand watering system.

This self-watering pot is ideal for indoor plants that need a little more water or plants that prefer to be kept moist. If you do not want to be bothered with frequent watering and having to carry heavy jugs of water, this self-watering pot is the perfect solution. It holds your plants’ water in an outer reservoir while it slowly releases moisture into the inner pot where your plants are growing. Your plants will drink from this reservoir instead of directly from a watering can or hose, so you never have to worry about over-watering again!

moisture meter

Listen, even the most dedicated gardener will sometimes struggle to get the conditions right. This 3-in-1 soil moisture meter is designed to help you better know the condition of your plant, detect soil moisture and determine if plants receive enough sunlight to keep them growing healthier and happier. Founded on scientific data and monitoring, it can help you control every detail and track all changes about your plants. Whether it’s a stick of celery in a pot or any other plant, this tool will tell you what’s going on beneath the surface!

Why we love it: sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s going on in a potted plant until it’s too late. This moisture meter keeps you and your houseplant on the same page.

heated mat for seed raising

If you’re ever starting from seed with your indoor plants or live in a cold place during the winter, a heated mat can make a world of a difference in your indoor gardening experience. This heat mat helps maintain sweet-spot temperatures for seedling starting and cutting propagation. If you’re planning on using the heating mat with humidity domes, this durable mat ensures your seeds never scorch or dry out thanks to its thick anti-burn layer.

This is probably best for your most advanced plant loving friend.

diy bonsai kit

Growing bonsai plants is easy with the right equipment. This Mini Bonsai Plant Growing Kit the ultimate plant gift that says “I’m here for the long haul”. It is a project that will keep you busy for quite some time, which is basically what every plant parent is looking for. It comes with 4 types of seeds, a wooden potting soil, a small wooden box to plant the seeds in, pruning shears and a marker pen to label the tree. It’s a great gift idea for houseplant lovers who are more patient than your average friend.

seed starter kit

Any plant lover you know will eventually venture into growing herbs and veggies indoors as well. And so they’ll also start exploring seed germination and sprouting too. The best way to give them dreamlike conditions for their favorite hobby is to send them a seed starter kit. 

The details: As a seedling heat mat, this 60 cell seed starter kit makes it easy to grow vegetable and herbs seeds or cuttings indoors. It can be used as propagation mats to warm the soil and provide optimum growing conditions for germinating seeds and rooting plant cuttings.


This digital hygrometer and indoor thermometer measures temperature and relative humidity level in your house, office or greenhouse. It provides accurate readings for temperature and relative humidity changes in indoor environments. This enables you to maintain ideal growing conditions for all plants you have at home…

…which is exactly what every plant lover wants.  

It is an ideal tool to monitor the room’s climate so that you can take corrective measures if the environment is not conducive for plant growth. (Pairs well with a humidifier and dehumidifier)

Fiskars micro-tip pruning snips

Your friend’s plants deserve better than their household scissors when it comes to pruning and propagating. Fiskars pruning snips are designed to make pruning easier and more precise. The precision-ground micro-tip blade gives the gardener a sharp, clean cut without damaging the plant. The non-stick coating reduces jamming and buildup of sticky resin so you can keep on trimming.

what did you think?

Did I nail the list? Is there anything missing? What was your favorite plant gift that you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments so that others can see your suggestions 🙂

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