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9 Best Plant Humidifiers For Indoor Jungle Vibes

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Are you tired of refilling your pebble tray? It’s time to invest in a humidifier for your plants!

In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best plant humidifiers on the market. We made our selection based on features that make them great for tropical and other humidity loving plants.

Think: high humidity settings, handy timer functions, and large tank capacities that require less maintenance to operate. ✨

If you’re wondering how much humidity is best for your plant, what the difference between common humidifiers really is, and how to naturally kill airborne viruses through climate control (yes, it’s possible), read our guide below.

We cover it alllll. Here’s how to find the best humidifier for plants!

The best plant humidifiers

Here are the absolute best plant humidifiers that will transform your indoor plants into luscious jungle beauties.

1. Best overall plant humidifier: Whole House Space-Saver 831000 Evaporative Humidifier by AIRCARE

Key specs: simple low/medium/high fan settings with humidistat | up to 70 hour run time | 6 gallon tank capacity

plant humidifier
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This evaporative humidifier from the humidifier industry-veteran AIRCARE features a powerful humidity output with one of the longest run-times on the market, thanks to its huge 6 gallon tank. With three fan settings and a humidistat function that allows you to set the humidity up to 65%, this machine truly delivers the plant-happy humidity levels that other standard machines can’t.

Three simple buttons allow you to control power, humidity levels and fan speed, and two lights indicate when the filter needs to be changed and water level is low.


  • Simple, efficient design in white with all of the settings you need of none of the ones you don’t
  • HIgh tank capacity (equal to our top-rated high-volume humidifier pick) allows 70 hours of run-time, or 3-4 days between refills
  • 2 year warranty by the manufacturer with purchase receipt
  • Desired humidity levels are adjustable in 5% increments up to 65% humidity


  • High fan setting is reportedly quite loud
  • On the pricey side for its functionality

2. Best bargain plant humidifier: Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier by LEVOIT

Key specs: simple dial control | 290 square feet of coverage | 2.4 L tank capacityor 90.7kg | lifetime warranty

plant humidifier
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If you have just a few plants in need of humidifying, this cool mist ultrasonic air humidifier from LEVOIT might be just the thing for you.

It’s designed for small spaces of up to 290 square feet with a 2.4-liter tank capacity. A built-in sensor is paired with dial control and auto shut-off function when the desired humidity level is reached.

This little humidifier won’t be able to strictly control humidity levels, but the stream of mist can be adjusted 360° to target the plants that need it most. This is a great starter choice for the indoor garden.


  • Small but powerful, this humidifier holds 2.4 liters of water can run for 24 hours on the lowest setting
  • Simple dial humidistat
  • Quiet operation thanks to ultrasonic technology
  • Optional night light function illuminates your space with blue light


  • Difficult to clean: the tapered tank design is difficult to access with the provided cleaning tools, and many small slots and nooks demand regular maintenance to prevent mold growth
  • Unit is not entirely waterproof, which makes cleaning and refilling a bit tedious

3. Best no-nonsense plant humidifier: LW25 Original Airwasher by Venta

Key specs: simple 3 fan speed control | up to 430 square feet of coverage (smaller and larger models available) | 2 gallon tank

plant humidifier
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This no-filter humidifier does the job well without additional filters, touchscreens, fancy lights or nonsense!

German brand Venta has created a humidifier in a class of its own with self-cleaning technology that is designed to demineralize and purify water with a water treatment additive instead of complicated, expensive, difficult-to-maintain filters.

This efficient machine comes in black or white and three size options with coverage areas from 300-600 square feet, depending on your plant’s needs. You can even send your plants on an aromatherapy journey with one of Venta’s six house-made essential oils – all business though, right?


  • 2 gallon tank with high efficiency motor powers this unit
  • Cold mist evaporative humidification controlled by three simple fan settings that maintain humidity at 40-60%
  • Recommended for use with tap water; no additional filters needed
  • Aromatherapy feature


  • No humidistat to control specific humidity levels
  • Marketed as an air purifier, this unit is really designed to purify air through humidifying

4. Best guarantee-protected plant humidifier: Evap40 Evaporative by Vornado

Key specs: 3 fan speeds and fully adjustable humidity dial | up to 1,00 square feet of coverage | 4 gallon tank capacity

plant humidifier
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If you’re a bit hesitant to invest in an expensive appliance just for your plants, this reasonably priced option from Vornado is a perfect choice: It comes with a robust 5-year warranty that guarantees full product replacement if something doesn’t work as expected.

Known for its powerful space heaters and fans, Vornado uses their signature Vortex Action technology to power this evaporative humidifier, which is suitable for controlling the climate in rooms up to 1,000 square feet.

This humidifier has a solid build and user-friendly controls that allow you to adjust humidity with a simple dial and fan speed with low, medium and high settings. 


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or full product replacement with this humidifier’s generous 5 year warranty
  • Built-in humidistat powers evaporative humidification with three fan speed settings
  • “Whole room” coverage is powered Vornado’s proprietary Vortex Action air circulation technology


  • 2-tank design means two tanks to clean, ugh…
  • Wicks require cleaning and replacement

5. Best compact plant humidifier: MistAire™ Studio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by Pure Enrichment®

Key specs:  low and high mist settings | up to 175 square feet of coverage | 0.7 L tank capacity

plant humidifier
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Small but mighty, the Studio model by Pure Enrichment® is the most compact model of the MistAire™ series. It features a single button control system – one press for low mist, light off, two presses for low mist, light on, three presses for high mist, light on, and four presses for high mist, light off – and auto shut-off when the tank runs dry.

This small humidifier is best for one or two of your favorite jungle plants, and makes a great travel companion if you’re headed somewhere arid. We recommend rinsing the MistAire™ Studio once a week with vinegar or bleach to prevent mold growth since you can’t get inside the tear-drop shaped tank to scrub. With a five year warranty, this low-budget purchase is hard to pass up!


  • Highly accessible price with the surprising benefit of a 5 year warranty to back your purchase
  • Ultrasonic humidification is controlled with low and high mist settings
  • Sleek, compact tear-drop design with optional night light is right at home on your desk, next to your monstera on the plant shelf, or on the kitchen counter
  • 10-hour run time allows you to humidify through the night without disruption


  • You can’t reach inside the water tank on this model, so if you don’t do regular maintenance, it will be pretty impossible to remove mold

6. Best air-purifying plant humidifier: LED Germ-Free Air Vaporizer by MILIN

Key specs: fully customizable sterilizer, humidifier and diffuser settings | up to 368 square feet of coverage | 1.1 gallon tank capacity

plant humidifier
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Yes, plants purify the air in your home – but if you’re seeking extra protection against airborne germs (who isn’t these days), this is the pick for you. Cutting edge micro-electrolysis technology goes beyond purification and actually sterilizes air as it’s humidified by converting water molecules into oxidizing ions that break down airborne germs.

This medium-sized humidifier is quieter than others thanks to ultrasonic misting technology, and can be easily adjusted to your desired humidity with 11 settings between 30-80% humidity.

Complement your clean, perfectly humidified air by adding the scent of your choice directly to the diffuser tray at the bottom of the machine.


  • Sterilizes air by converting water into oxidizing ions through micro-electrolysis, destroying the DNA / RNA Of 99.99% of airborne harmful germs
  • High humidity option available; choose between 11 humidity settings between 30-80%
  • Reasonable efficiency for 1.1 gallon water tank capacity, guaranteeing 40 hours of operation on the high mist setting and auto-shut off when the water tank is empty
  • Settings include customizable and standard sterilization, 3 mist settings, and auto humidity control


  • With a 1.1 gallon water tank capacity, this humidifier only guarantees 40 hours of continuous operation
  • The LED touch controls look great but aren’t very intuitive for first time use

7. Best basic plant humidifier: NR07S Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier by Miro

Key specs: dial controller adjusts humidity and power | up to 600 square feet of coverage | 1.3 gallon water tank capacity

plant humidifier
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Back to basics! Miro has created an innovative home appliance with the NR07S cool mist ultrasonic humidifier that showcases simplicity at its best.

The main body components of this low maintenance humidifier are designed to be disassembled for easy machine-washing, so you don’t have to worry about mold or bacteria growing in hard to reach parts of your machine.

The trade-off here is that the humidity controller comes as a separate dial that must be plugged into the humidifier and a power source to operate. This feature doesn’t detract from the overall functionality of the humidifier however, which is fully adjustable from low to high mist settings.


  • Smart, simple and eco-friendly ultrasonic IFDesign Award-winning design blends seamlessly into most interior spaces
  • All body components of this unit are waterproof, completely machine washable, and made of food grade BPA-free ABS plastic
  • Up to 24 hours of continuous operation on the low mist setting
  • Auto shut-off feature kicks on when water levels are low


  • The humidity controller comes separate from the machine and must be plugged in
  • Not compatible for use with essential oils

8. Best plant humidifier for greenhouse use: Industrial Grade Direct Water Supply Humidifier by Ideal-Air

Key specs: controller sold separately | up to 1614 square feet of coverage | no-fill system connects directly to water supply

plant humidifier
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If you have a greenhouse full of plants or an indoor grow tent and you’re ready to take your routine operation to the next level, you need an industrial-grade humidifier that connects directly to your water supply. This model from Ideal Air is designed specifically for the needs of small to medium-sized greenhouse growers and indoor garden keepers.

You need to purchase a humidistat separately in order to operate this humidifier – which is a bit frustrating at this price point – but the external control design ultimately extends the lifetime of your humidifier since electronic controls typically give out before mechanical parts.

The recommended humidistat allows you to set humidity from 20-80%, easily hitting the sweet spot for moisture-loving indoor plants. You’ll never go back to a re-fillable humidifier after this purchase.


  • Industrial grade product is equipped with a heavy-duty motor that will last for years, and then some
  • No-refills necessary; connects directly to a water supply for maximum efficiency
  • Broad coverage range up to 1614 square feet
  • Powerful humidify and dehumidify options when purchased with the recommended humidistat


  • Humidistat not included; Titan Controls EOS 1 Humidify / Dehumidify Controller recommended
  • Water hose is a bit tricky to connect the first time

9. Best plant humidifier with timer: LV600HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier by LEVOIT

Key specs: humidistat controlled by digital display or remote control | up to 753 square feet of coverage | 1.6 gallon water tank capacity

plant humidifier
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As much as you’d like to stay home all day tending to your indoor plants’ moisture needs, the timer settings on this humidifier mean you don’t really need to (no judgement for stay at home plant parents tho LOL).

The LV600HH from Levoit comes with the best timer settings we’ve researched, allowing you to set humidity and mist temperature for up to 12 hours at a time. Featuring unique hybrid ultrasonic technology, you can choose between warm mist for rapid humidification that kills bacteria and cool mist that combats dry air, skin and of course, foliage!

Distilled water is required to run this humidifier, but on the plus side, no filters are needed. You will need to clean the unit once a week or so, and replace the absorption pad that draws minerals from the water. A great all-around choice to save you time fiddling with settings so you can chill with your plants instead.


  • Hybrid ultrasonic technology offers both warm mist and cool mist options depending on need
  • Timer function allows you to turn this humidifier on for up to 12 hours at a time, while decent tank capacity accommodates continuous use for up to 50 hours
  • Set humidity, mist temperature and time directly or choose auto for recommended preset indoor humidity
  • Several high quality videos on Amazon’s product page explain what the settings are used for and how to program them


  • Distilled water is required
  • Minimum water required for this humidifier to function is 2 cups, effectively reducing the overall tank capacity

FAQs about plant humidifiers

Are plant humidifiers worth the investment?

Absolutely. Keeping your indoor plants healthy might be your focus, but you can use all of these plant humidifiers to improve your home climate as well, and the benefit of fresh, healthy air – for plants or people – is totally priceless.

Can I use a regular humidifier for plants?

Yes! But not all “regular” humidifiers will do the job well. All of the plant humidifiers in this guide are “regular” humidifiers with features that are great for plants, and not just people, like high humidity settings up to 80%, timer functions, and large tank capacities. Many “regular” humidifiers only allow you to adjust humidity between 30-50%. 

What’s the difference between cool and warm mist humidifiers?

Cool mist and warm mist are actually common settings featured in different types of plant humidifiers. Only steam humidifiers are designed to create water vapor by heating water. Modern humidifiers offer cool and warm moisture settings as a convenience, but most plants don’t really prefer one over the other. Warm mist humidifies air more quickly than cool mist, but the temperature of your room will have a bigger effect on what the mist does once airborne than the temperature settings on your humidifier. 


Are you ready to transform your living room into a jungle now? Hopefully, this post has given you all the information you need to choose from our selection of the best plant humidifiers out there, and use your pick to its fullest potential. Maybe you’re inspired to welcome more moisture-loving plants into your home, now that you have the tools and know-how to keep them healthy (the pebble tray just won’t do). Happy gardening!

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  1. I have a tiny humidifier and a number of indoor plants, but I don’t think it will be enough for all of them because some of them have become really dry, especially during the winter.

    1. Hi, Lisa! Yeah, I can see how that might be an issue. You have a few options here. You could either pop your plants into an indoor growing tent or enclosed plant shelf to keep the humidity in OR you could get a bigger humidifier that covers more square footage. The Evap40 Evaporative by Vornado (number 5 on this list) covers up to 1,000 square feet so could cover quite a bit of space. A small humidifier in one room and a larger humidifier in another room could do the trick!

      I also live in a dry place so I have a small humidifier plus a little spray bottle that I use to spray the leaves of my plants every morning while drinking my coffee 🙂

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