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our verdict on the gorilla grow tent

Gorilla grow tents are respected within the cannabis growing community due to their high quality materials and durability. While they are more expensive than other options, we love these professionally designed grow tents because they’re simply some of the best quality tents on the market.

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    gorilla grow tent kit features

    The high quality and useful features of Gorilla grow tents are what has made the brand an industry leader. The tent’s dense mylar canvas, steel frame, and adjustable height contribute to the product’s structural integrity, while other features like industrial-strength zippers and cinching duct-ports help keep the interior growing environment contained.

    high thread density outer material & diamond mylar inner lining

    high thread density outer material

    One of Gorilla’s main distinguishing features is its dense canvas outer lining that uses a very thick thread size (1680D, or denier [pronounced din-eer], the width of fabric thread) for a robust fabric. The fabric’s substantial density allows it to deal with wear and tear, and some users have reported it’s difficult to damage accidently. It’s light-tight, reinforced along the seams, and the fabric is washable.

    Gorilla’s 1680D canvas is the strongest on the market, where most canvases on grow tents range between 200D and 300D. This is one of the premium features of a Gorilla grow tent that makes it more expensive than other brands. To remain competitive, Gorilla makes a Lite series that uses a 210D canvas. We love this about the company! It makes their products more accessible, and since it’s made by Gorilla, it’s a good value for the price.

    diamond mylar inner lining

    The tent’s inner lining is made of a diamond-textured mylar fabric. This material is extremely reflective, and with the diamond texturing, light is reflected and distributed in an efficient way. The ceiling fabric is reinforced with infrared-blocking material to prevent heat loss and radiant warming of the surrounding room.

    all-steel interlocking frame & height adjustable roof

    all-steel interlocking frame

    This is one of our favorite features! On top of being known for its durable canvas, the frame in a Gorilla tent is among the strongest around. The steel poles have a snap-in connection, and the connectors are steel too, unlike many competitors that use plastic connectors even with metal poles.

    The powder coating on the steel helps prevent rust and other corrosion, an important quality to have in a humid space like a grow tent. On the larger models, these steel poles have a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, so they’re strong enough to hold your lights, fans, and ventilation system.

    height adjustable roof

    Larger models of Gorilla grow tents are able to have their height extended up to three feet! The standard heights for a grow tent is 6 or 7 feet, and you can get an extension kit to raise the ceiling up to 10 feet so your tent fills in the space from floor to ceiling. Regular models come with a complimentary one foot extension attachment, and you can purchase a two foot extension separately.

    On Lite tents, you can get a one foot accessory for extra space. A taller tent means heat has more space to rise up and away from your plants, and your plants have more space to grow vertically.

     industrial strength zippers & dual-cinching ducting ports

    industrial strength zippers

    One particular feature that Gorilla grow tent owners love is the industrial strength zippers. They’re thick, easy to move, and their seams are covered by an extra flap of canvas material, sealing with velcro, that reduces light leak. Since a tent’s zipper is used so much, we really appreciate the durability here.

    That being said, Gorilla grow tents have been known to separate at zipper seams. This is not all that common though and should be covered under the one-year warranty.

    dual-cinching ducting ports

    Depending on the size of the tent, it will have a certain number of ducting ports to insert tubing for ventilation, external AC units, or power cords. With dual-cinching ties, the ducts will fit snugly around the tent accessories for a tighter seal that doesn’t let air in or humidity out. This way, you can better monitor the humidity in your grow tent. Many other brands don’t have any way to secure or seal off these ducting ports, another feature of Gorilla’s tents that contribute to maximizing your growing experience.

    observational window & tool kit

    observational window

    The large EZ view windows on Gorilla grow tents are very handy since they allow you to check on your plants without disrupting the interior growing environment. When you’re opening the door once or multiple times per day, humidity and heat can escape, while pests or mold spores might get in. When you’re finished, velcro and a layer of the canvas lining covers the zipper seams to keep light and humidity in.

    This is especially helpful for smaller models, like the Gorilla Grow Tent Clone 18, which can sit right on your desktop.

    removable floor tray and tool bag

    All gorilla tents come with a heavy duty spill tray that lines the floor of the tent to catch any spills or dirt that collect on the ground. This, coupled with the lack of stitching around the base of the tent (the bottom corners are folded rather than stitched together), make these grow tents leak resistant. Lined with the diamond mylar fabric, it will contribute to dispersing light that reaches the floor, and it’s easily to clean between crop rotations.

    A tool bag attached to the wall is standard and is a great place to keep small tools, pens and pencils, journals, and anything else you might want to keep handy, but out of the way, in your tent.

    gorilla grow tent size and feature guide

    Plant capacity is based on 5-7 gallon pots, specifications are for the original Gorilla grow tent line.

    sizehow many plantsspecifications 
    2×2.52Height extension: 2 feet from 5’11 to 7’11Weight: 29 lbs1 door5, 11 inch double-cinching ducts2, 3 inch electrical ports
    2×42-4Height extension: 2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 37 lbs1 door6, 11 inch double-cinching ducts2, 3 inch electrical ports
    3×33Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 40 lbs1 door6, 11 inch double-cinching ducts2, 3 inch electrical ports
    4×44-6Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 50 lbs1 door6, 11 inch double-cinching ducts2, 3 inch electrical ports
    4×86Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 88 lbs3 doors8, 11 inch double-cinching ducts4, 3 inch electrical ports
    5×55-6Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 88 lbs2 doors8, 11 inch double-cinching ducts4, 3 inch electrical ports
    5×96-8Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 101 lbs3 doors8, 11 inch double-cinching ducts4, 3 inch electrical ports
    8×814-16Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 139 lbs3 doors14, 11 inch double-cinching ducts8, 3 inch electrical ports
    8×1635+Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 217 lbs6 doors6, 11 inch and 8, 13inch double-cinching ducts8, 3 inch electrical ports
    9×914-16Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 155 lbs3 doors14, 11 inch double-cinching ducts8, 3 inch electrical ports
    10×1030+Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 159 lbs3 doors14, 11 inch double-cinching ducts8, 3 inch electrical ports
    10×2050+Height extension:  2 feet from 6’11 to 8’11Weight: 308 lbs6 doors6, 11 inch and 10, 13inch double-cinching ducts10, 3 inch electrical ports

    gorilla grow tent review

    We’ve given it our own review, but we’ve also done our research on what other customers think about Gorilla grow tents. 

    Users have reported being impressed with the weight capacity of the ceiling bars compared to other products that have sagged over time. The steel bars of Gorilla’s frame can hold up to 300 pounds, and this is plenty to hold your plants’ grow lights and ventilation systems, with extra capacity to spare for sturdiness. 

    The ease of cleaning the mylar interior lining, as well as the durability of the outer lining, is also underlined by reviewers. In regard to the price, most customers agree that the premium is worth the price for the quality of the tent. Users of the Lite series agree that, despite the lower price, the quality of the product is still high and competitive.

    gorilla customer service and warranty

    Gorilla’s warranty is guaranteed for up to one year after purchase. Some reviews on their customer service suggest there might be a bit of wait time to work your situation out, but in the end they stand behind their product and they will help you resolve your problem.

    gorilla grow tent pros and cons


    • Heavy duty tent material – thick canvas outer lining, reflective mylar inner lining, water-tight and light-tight features make this tent one of the best to maintain your growing environment in the right conditions without losing any heat, humidity, or light.
    • Sturdy frame – the metal poles that snap together with metal connectors makes this one sturdy frame. The powder treatment to prevent corrosion helps extend the life of the frame and, therefore, the overall durability of the tent.
    • Height adjustable – being able to adjust the height of your grow tent can make a big difference when cannabis plants start quickly gaining vertical height of their own. Raising your lights as necessary and keeping temperatures comfortable are easier when the ceilings are taller. They can be extended so that you have a floor-to-ceiling grow room!


    • Standard models are expensive – The majority of Gorilla’s tents are on the higher end of the pricing scale compared to other tents. To widen their market reach, Gorilla has grow tents that are made with a thinner tent material in their Lite series that has a more accessible, lower price point.
    • Indiscreet branding – Gorilla branding is easily visible on the box and if you’re in an area where growing marijuana isn’t legal, it might draw unwanted attention.


    how to set up a gorilla grow tent?

    Gorilla grow tents come with straightforward instructions that are easy to follow. They don’t have any loose small parts, like screws or brackets, because the pipes snap into the corner connectors. Once the frame is put together, the canvas shell can be put on. It comes in two parts: the roof cover, and the wall/floor as one large piece (which decreases the amount of seams), although this may depend on the size of your model. Larger tents might be difficult for one person to assemble, and some help might be required, if only from a step-stool!

    how long does it take to receive a gorilla grow tent?

    As a very popular brand of high-end grow tents, Gorilla products can be purchased directly from their website, from Amazon, or from other grow supply stores in person or online. The tent comes unassembled and packaged neatly in its box. Since the package isn’t oversized or particularly heavy (depending on the size ordered), standard shipping times will apply and vary by seller and carrier.

    final thoughts

    Gorilla grow tents are top-of-the-line when it comes to indoor growing spaces. The high quality materials used make this a sturdy, long-lasting tent that may be more expensive than other grow tent brands, but delivers a fantastic performance and durability that we believe make the investment well worth it!

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