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our hot take: mars hydro grow tent

Grow tents by Mars Hydro are popular with home growers because these sturdy tents are moderately priced while delivering the array of standard grow tent features, made with some higher-quality materials than comparably priced tents. In particular, the all-metal frame and thick canvas shell add to the durability of this brand’s grow tents, putting Mars Hydro among the best choices out there for your indoor gardening setup.

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    Mars Hydro grow tent kit features

     Mars Hydro grow tent kit features

    Mars Hydro grow tents are designed with the growing experience in mind, and they’ve taken steps to compensate for drawbacks that can happen with any grow tent. Zippers on these tents have an extra layer of coverage, the heavy-duty tent fabric and all-metal frame contribute to a stable tent that outcompetes brands with thinner fabric and plastic frames that won’t last quite as long. Observation windows, double-cinching ducting ports, and diamond-patterned mylar reflective inner lining are other features that make this one of the best grow tent market contenders. Let’s look at the design in more detail!

    heavy-duty density fabric

    One of our favorite features of this tent is the heavy-duty fabric of the outer shell. How thick the fabric is makes a difference in how efficient it will be in keeping your internal conditions inside of the tent. A dense fabric is a tight weave, which doesn’t allow as much air, light, or humidity out. A dense weave is also more tear-proof than a thinner fabric, and it’s more difficult to puncture. Mars Hydro tents are made with 1680 D (D for denier [pronounced din-eer], the width of fabric thread), while more average tents are made with 200-300 D, a thinner fabric that is more prone to pinhole light loss and ripping along the zipper.

    diamond mylar inner lining

    Mars Hydro tents are lined with a diamond-patterned mylar that reflects and redistributes light more evenly and efficiently than smooth reflective fabrics. A solid tent lining would absorb light, but mylar, which looks like aluminum foil, sends extra light back in the direction of the plants. The canvas has a waterproof lining that helps keep humidity and spills inside the tent. Mylar itself is waterproof as well, making it difficult to stain and easy to clean.

    all-metal construction frame

    The all-metal frame really makes a big difference in the durability of this tent in comparison to tents that use plastic poles and/or plastic connectors. A metal structure won’t crack or bend nearly as easily, and they can hold more weight than plastic frames. Most models are made with steel, while the largest ones are made with iron and are able to support over 200 lbs. It’s better to have that extra weight capacity than too little to be sure your valuable grow lights and ventilation systems will be secure when installed.

    fabric, frame, lining

    double-sewn zipper stitching

    Mars Hydro pays attention to its zippers, which we appreciate because zippers are the part of any tent that gets the most wear and tear. Double-sewn edges help decrease pull on the surrounding fabric, adding to a smoother and more durable zipper. The tents also come with an external flap of fabric that covers the zipper line, keeping the light inside and reducing the potential for light to escape through the closure.

    observational window

    The observational window integrated into most Mars Hydro’s tents is a common, but important, feature among grow tents, allowing you to peer into the tent without opening the door. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to actually get into the tent, especially if you’re just checking to make sure things are looking good and nothing needs to be adjusted. The less frequently you have to disturb the temperature and humidity level in the tent interior, the better!

    waterproof floor tray and tool bag

    Tents come with a mylar-lined removable floor tray that makes keeping the tent clean a little easier. It catches spills and is water-resistant, so it’s easy to empty out and clean as necessary. Tents also include an interior tool bag to help you stay organized and keep your essentials in one place.

     zipper, window, tray

    Mars Hydro grow tent size and feature guide

    sizeplants per tentfeatures
    Mars Hydro 2×2 Grow Tent – 24”X24”X55” (60X60X140CM)1-2 plant capacitySquare feet: 4Height: 55 inchesDoors: 1Viewing windows: 0Weight capacity: 88 lbs
    Mars Hydro 2×4 Grow Tent – 48”X24”X71” (120X60X180cm)2-4Square feet: 8Height: 71 inches (just under 6 ft)Doors: 1Viewing windows: 1Weight capacity: 110 lbs
    Mars Hydro 24”x24”x36” Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent – 2’x2′(60x60x90cm)1-2 plantsSquare feet: 4Height: 36 inches (3 feet)Doors: 1Viewing windows: 0Weight capacity: 88 lbs
    Mars Hydro 3×3 Grow Tent – 39”X39”X71” (100X100X180cm)2-4 plantsSquare feet: 9Height: 71 inDoors: 1Viewing windows: 1Weight capacity: 110 lbs
    Mars Hydro 4×4 Grow Tent – 48″X48″X80″ (120X120X200cm)4-6 plantsSquare feet: 16Height: 80 inchesDoors: 1Viewing windows: 1Weight capacity: 155 lbs
    Mars Hydro 2.3×2.3 Grow Tent – 27”X27”X63” (70X70X160cm)1-2 plantsSquare feet: 5.3Height: 63 inDoors: 1Viewing windows: 1Weight capacity: 110 lbs
    Mars Hydro 5×5 Grow Tent – 60”X60”X80” (150X150X200cm)5-6Square feet: 10Height: 80 inchesDoors: 1Viewing windows: 1Weight capacity: 155 lbs
    Mars Hydro 4×5 grow tent 2-in-14-6Square feet: 20Height: 80Doors: 2Viewing windows: 2Weight capacity: 177 Two sections for different growing environments, one small two tier, another larger
    Mars Hydro 8×4 grow tent8-10Square feet: 32Height: 80 inDoors: 2Viewing windows: 2Weight capacity: 270 lbs
    Mars Hydro 8×8 grow tent14-16Square feet: 64Height: 80 inDoors: 2Viewing windows: 2Weight capacity: 330 lbs
    Mars Hydro 10×5 grow tent12-15Square feet: 50Height: 80 inchesDoors: 2Viewing windows: 2Weight capacity: 242
    Mars Hydro 48”x36”x71” Hydroponic Indoor 2 In 1 Grow Tent – 4’x3′(120x90x180cm)3-5Square feet: 12Height: 71 inDoors: 2Viewing windows: 2Weight capacity: 133 lbs Two sections for different growing environments, one small two tier, another larger
    Mars Hydro 36”x24”x55” Hydroponic Indoor 2 In 1 Grow Tent – 3’x2′(90x60x140cm)2-3Square feet: 6Height: 55 inDoors: 2Viewing windows: 0Weight capacity: 110 Two sections for different growing environments, one small two tier, another larger

    Mars Hydro customer service and warranty

    Mars Hydro customer service and warranty
    image source : reddit

    Customers have reported positive experiences with Mars Hydro’s customer service, and their 5 year warranty coverage gives you enough time to get good use from the tent and be covered for multiple growing seasons in case anything happens down the line. Similarly, a 30 day money back guarantee lets you be sure you can be compensated if you’re not satisfied with the unit you receive. Some users have mentioned they received quick delivery when ordering directly from the company, which is always a plus!

    Mars Hydro grow tent review

    Mars Hydro grow tent review
    image source : reddit

    We’ve reviewed the comments other customers leave as feedback on Mars Hydro tents to get a feel of what other people have experienced, and it has mostly positive reviews! Users like how sturdy the tent is overall, pointing to the thickness of the canvas and the metal frame. Some users, however, had some trouble with the units they received, particularly with pulling along the zipper, and some users found pinhole light leaks somewhere on the tent. One user noted that the tent door only opens from the front, rather than around the sides like on some other designs. In general, customers have thought it’s a good value for the middling price point.

    Mars Hydro grow tent pros and cons


    • Sturdy materials – the metal frame and dense canvas shell contribute to the durability and stability of Mars Hydro’s line of tents
    • Discreet shipping– Their boxes don’t contain any logos, names, or references to the contents, so your purchase won’t draw unwanted attention


    • Some units may have some light leakage – Some customers have reported wear along the zipper seams and pinhole light lakes along the seams, or in other places on the shell.
    • Lack of access on some models – The front-side doors that don’t zip around the unit prevent you from getting back and side access to the plants as easily as models that have side and/or back openings

    common questions

    how to set up Mars Hydro grow tent?

    Most tents you can buy on the market can be assembled by one diligent person, with the exception of the biggest models which may require a second hand. Mars Hydro tents are easily assembled, with poles sliding and snapping into place by connectors. The frame can then be put in the canvas shell, which will wrap around and snugly fit. The directions will be your friend if you get stuck!

    how long do Mars Hydro filters last?

    Mars Hydro carbon filters last about as long as other filters do on average, which is 18-24 months of continuous use. Changing your filter regularly is important to keep any odors from accumulating in the tent or from being exhausted into the room where the grow tent is located.

    final thoughts

    Mars Hydro tents are an option that users love because these tents are great quality for the price. On the upper end of mid-tier, these grow tents are some of the most affordable and reliable on the market.

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