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15 healing house plants that will grow easily

House plants are incredible beings, they add beauty to any environment whether indoor or outdoors. You can turn your boring living room into an indoor plant sanctuary, just by adding healing house plants around. 

Imagine having your very own living, breathing medicinal plant apothecary inside your home.

There are many physical health benefits from having plants in your home, as well emotional and energetic benefits. Plants improve the air-quality in an environment by converting pollutants and toxins into energy, and then recycling this into naturally purified & filtered air. 

They also add so much positivity and creativity to a space, harmonizing the energy around and making you feel more peaceful & zen. In short, house plants are freaking magical! ✨

Here are some plants that not only look extremely beautiful in a living space, but will help clean the air in your house, improve your emotional state, lower stress levels and more.

15 healing house plants that can improve your health

Spider plant

Don’t be afraid of its name, this plant doesn’t attract spiders. The spider plant actually just purifies the air in your home so you have fresh air all the time. It is considered one of the easiest and best house plants to grow. They like to have a lot of light or natural sunlight. This house plant can look beautiful hanging, and also makes the perfect indoor window plant. It is especially effective in removing formaldehyde in your home or office.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe vera has the most magical, healing gel which is found in an aloe leaf. It contains cooling, anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Aloe gel can be used to treat home burns, sunburns, rashes, and skin inflammation. Not only is aloe vera healing, but it also purifies the air and is a beautiful-looking succulent that is very easy to care for. Aloe vera juice is considered a superfood and encourages good gut bacteria when taken internally.


Ah, the soothing & calming effects of lavender. You can have an outdoor garden with the lavender plant, or grow it inside. You can harvest the lavender and hang it to dry upside down, which will fill your home with the scent of lavender. It is the perfect pre-sleep plant—receiving its healing benefits by making a tea with fresh or dried lavender buds. It also works as a mild sedative when taken internally, and can reduce skin inflammation with lavender oil applied to the skin. You can even make lavender essential oil from your own lavender plant.

Snake plant

Snake plant can go outside in the rain

This amazing plant is found growing in many tropical countries. The snake plant is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Europe, Africa & Asia. It is considered to be one of the highest oxygen-producing plants and even continues producing oxygen at night! In other words, you will sleep better and have an improved emotional state just by having this unique plant in your bedroom. 

It thrives indoors and is one of the most easy to grow houseplants. Since it purifies your air so well, it can also help with allergies as they remove harmful pollutants to help you breathe more easily all day and all night. It requires very little water & light and will give your bedroom a beautiful jungle vibe.


Rosemary is one of the plants you want to be sure to have in your built in natural apothecary. From healing small skin infections with its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, to all of its medicinal purposes in culinary uses, rosemary is a potent herb in herbal medicine. The essential oil of rosemary is used in folk medicine as an antidepressant to improve memory and reduce anxiety. You may also experience a reduced negative mood from drinking rosemary tea.


Fresh leaves of basil can be added to food to promote good health and add a sweet, aromatic flavor. This plant grows all-year round and can help keep away mosquitos. The vitamins and minerals in this plant help fight viral infections and strengthen body immunity. It is often used in Ayurvedic medicine for stomach & sleep problems. You don’t have to have a green thumb to grow basil as a house plant, just remember to give it enough sunlight and water!


The relaxing kava plant likes equal parts shade and sunlight, as it is a culturally important species native to the tropical Pacific Islands. It is a super healing plant that has sedative and relaxing effects when taken internally. This plant in herbal medicine combined with passionflower tea works complete magic to help your nervous system relax after a stressful day. It may be a more difficult house plant to find, but you can find it in tropical plant stores.


chamomile plant flowers

Growing chamomile will give you an abundance of herbal medicine at your fingertips. Chamomile tea has a strong anti-anxiety effect on the body. There are so many healing properties, including helping ease menstrual pain and promoting deeper sleep.


Consuming ginger helps relieve morning sickness and offers anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger’s ability to soothe sore throat quickly and well as reduce symptoms of nausea (especially morning sickness) is completely underrated. 

Bottom line: adding ginger to your diet will help you stay healthy and help prevent viruses from entering your body. To grow ginger root as a houseplant, you will just need the right soil planter to plant it in. You can consume ginger in many forms, in tea or even in powder as an herbal supplement.


how to grow calendula

Calendula is one of those healing houseplants that needs to be in direct sunlight. They are perennial plants that thrive indoors and outdoors. Calendula is often used in the beauty wellness field for skin ailments like redness or eczema. You can rub the flower on an insect bite to help reduce itching and swelling. You can also drink dried marigold flower tea to help with headaches and stress.


Peppermint leaves are often used in tea as an herbal remedy to help with digestion and bloating. The refreshing aroma of peppermint oil is one of the best home remedies at soothing headaches. Growing mint at home will also keep insects away!

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is part of the mint family, and considered to be a very calming herb. It has a fragrant, lemony scent that is delicious in tea. The healing benefits of the lemon balm plant include improving digestion, sleep and calming anxiety.

Fiddle leaf fig

ficus lyrata indoor

The fiddle leaf fig plant is actually a mini tree that helps purify the air! It is often used in feng shui, for attracting positive energy in a space. It has soft, round and deep-green glossy leaves that are soothing on the eyes. They are low maintenance and very popular ornamental plants for decorating homes & offices.

Boston fern

Boston Fern plant

Boston ferns help improve air quality by purifying the air and removing humidity. They restore moisture to the air naturally, which in turn helps with those who suffer from dry skin and sore throats. These plants are super lush and green and add beauty to any home.


Passionflower is a tropical house plant that even bears a passion fruit. It is an exotic looking plant with the most gorgeous flower, that creates an indoor jungle vibe. Drinking passionflower tea has been scientifically proven to boost GABA levels in the brain, which reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation. If you can’t grow this house plant in your home, you can always buy some dried passionflower tea at your local health food store.


which plant is good for positive energy?

There are certain medicinal plants that also help with giving positivity energy, such as calendula and lemon balm. Calendula is a happy orange flower that looks like the sun. Its bright orange color is healing for the eyes. Basil is considered a holy plant in India, that gives positive energy to the space around you and protects your home. It also is said to bring luck and wealth. Mint is also a great plant for meditation and bringing happy energy. You can add crystals to your plants to increase positive energy and abundance.

what are the healing benefits of house plants?

Studies have shown what are the healing benefits of house plants?that having plants:
– Improves your moods, productivity, concentration, and creativity
– Reduce stress and anxiety
– Purifies and cleans air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen 
– Adds beauty and positive energy to any room
– Boosts healing and improves mental health

Another plus is that it is very therapeutic and relaxing to take care of house plants and grow them indoors.

best books about healing plants & houseplants

Since we love healing house plants and medicinal plants so much, we wanted to share our favorite books about herbal medicine and plant healing benefits.

plant spirit healing

Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness

Learn about the healing powers of plants through this book that offers hands-on ways to connect with plants and plant consciousness. It offers a scientific and spiritual approach to the ways shamans and indigenous healers use plants.

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plants that cure

Plants That Cure: Plants as a Source for Medicines, from Pharmaceuticals to Herbal Remedies

This book speaks about how to use plants as herbal medicine. It provides a history of the most important medicinal plants with an illustrated guide about each plant.

view on amazon
plant parenting

Plant Parenting: Easy Ways to Make More Houseplants, Vegetables, and Flowers

Are you a house plant lover? Do you want to learn how to grow more flowers in your garden? This book is for those who want to learn to propagate plants in a simple and easy way.

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healing house plants

Healing Houseplants: How to Keep Plants Indoors for Clean Air, Healthier Skin, Improved Focus, and a Happier Life!

The book combines the art of taking care of house plants with understanding the plants healing benefits. It dives into the medicinal uses of plants like aloe, chamomile, rosemary & more.

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the healing power of plants

The Healing Power of Plants: The Hero House Plants that Love You Back

Plants have been scientifically proven to have healing effects on the mind &

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