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7 best gardening crystals that help plants grow

Crystals have a long history of being used for their natural healing properties and the ability to attract positive energies. From the Sumerians to the Ancient Egyptians, these precious stones have been used in magic formulas and to craft jewelry. 

Today, the belief that crystals possess healing properties remains strong. 

In addition to their healing properties, crystals are also found in the cells of most plants and may serve as a protective mechanism against herbivore animals. 🤯

When combined with plants, crystals can create a balance of natural energies and improve the health of your plants. (Yes, please)

Learn more about the best gardening crystals and how to use them to enhance your plant life!

How do crystals and plants work together?

Crystals are believed to exercise an electromagnetic influence over the physical cells and to induce healing energies over all organisms, including plants. The first historical references to the use of crystals come from the Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. Their use was also not foreign to the Ancient Egyptians, who used them to craft magic jewelry and amulets.

The belief that crystals possess healing properties continues to this day, and that’s why, for example, green stones like green aventurine are still believed to bring luck in different parts of the world, including New Zealand.

Another perk of crystals is that they are naturally found in the cells of most plants. The most common crystals found in plants are calcium oxalate and calcium carbonate and, according to a study published in the “Current Science (2017)”, plants may use them as a protective mechanism against herbivore animals. 

In fact, when the herbivores chew on the plants, the crystals produce slight injuries which induce severe irritation. This is a clear indication of how crystals naturally tend towards warding off negative energies, although their power doesn’t end just here.

When combined with plants, they create a perfect balance of natural energies in your environment. Plants taking the energy out of the earth; crystals vibrating and releasing that energy. 

This will not only keep your plant healthy and heal energy blocks, but also fill up your environment with soothing energy. That’s what I’m talking about.

Benefits of using crystals for plants

There are a lot of different stones that are known to have special powers that can benefit both plants and humans. To this day, they continue to be utilized in holistic healing practices. 

Each stone is connected to a specific element, such as earth, air, fire, or water, which can be used when designing a calming garden or trying to unblock energy. That’s why stones and crystals are often used in Reiki healing, to unblock chakra energy.

Using crystals for plants by placing them close to the plants’ roots or below the soil can is said to promote plant growth. 

The unverified yet reported benefits include:

  • Healthy growth: Garden crystals emit a natural source of pure energy that helps plants to grow big and strong.
  • Better tasting fruits: Healing crystals can help improve the flavor and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, thanks to their natural frequency, which keeps plants healthy.
  • Protecting action: The natural vibration of healing stones emits electromagnetic radiation that helps repel harmful insects and animals, thus protecting plants against pests and diseases. This can also help prevent and revive sick and wilting plants. 
different kinds of crystals

The best healing crystals for houseplants & the garden

The variety of crystals available, and the different ways in which we can administer them to improve the life of our green friends, makes it easy to include these precious stones in your gardening routine. Let’s explore together some of the best crystals for gardening.

Clear Quartz: growth, healing, amplifying

Clear quartz, also known as the master healer, is a highly beneficial crystal made of oxygen and silicon atoms, and it’s the most used crystal in holistic healing. Its high vibrational energy can stimulate the growth of plants and improve plant health. Thanks to its amplifying properties, it can also be used in a combination with other crystals to increase their power of absorbing negative energy. It is believed that incorporating clear quartz into your tomato plant care routine can help improve their immunity to pests and diseases, such as blight.

Zenkeeper 1 Lb Rough Clear Quartz Stone Bulk

Another variety of Quartz, smoky quartz, is well known for absorbing damaging radiation, so you can put it in the soil of dying plants to increase their chance of survival.

Rose Quartz: love, compassion, healing energies

Rose Quartz is believed to increase feelings of love and compassion, as well as the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. This is said to support the growth of seeds and help flowers to bloom. It is also thought to impart positive, natural energy into any plant food grown in its presence.

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Wand Pointed

As one of the esteemed stones of antiquity, Rose Quartz was originally transformed into luxurious jewelry by the Assyrian civilization as early as 800 BC. Since then, different civilizations have used it as a purifying stone.

When using Rose Quartz for gardening, you should not put it in direct sunlight, as this can cause your crystals to lose their pink color. Using this healing stone close to the plant’s roots can be highly beneficial. If you are interested in the love-boosting properties of this gemstone, you can combine rose quartz with orchids. Since orchids are associated with fertility and virility, combining them with the circulation-boosting rose quartz can help bring unconditional love and amorous strength to your relationship.

Green calcite: heart opening, healing energies, energy boost

Calcite means strength of spirit and energy. It is a gemstone that comes primarily from Brazil and Mexico and its planet is Venus, while its element is Earth. When placed in a public garden or in a potted plant within an office space, it can help soothe anxiety or clear off stress-induced energies.

Pachamama Essentials Natural Calcite Rough

Green calcite has opening effects on the heart, so it can encourage you to take care of your plants, even if you don’t have a green thumb. It helps heal your plants and the environment in which they grow, so it is usually used to revive sick plants and to bring radiance and shine.

This stone also has the power to invite nature spirits into your garden and to provide a high energy boost.

Tiger’s eye: protective properties, courage, strength

Tiger’s Eye can be mainly found in South Africa and Western Australia and is connected with courage and strength.

Bingcute Brazilian Tumbled Polished Natural Tiger Eye Stones

Tiger’s Eye has protective properties which can help your plant babies safe from both environmental and spiritual harm. Since it is linked to the root chakra, it can promote strong root growth and is therefore usually used at the bottom of potted plants, or buried with onions, garlic, or potatoes, to foster their healthy growth.

Moss Agate: abundance, harmony, grounding

Moss Agate is an earth element stone which can be found in most parts of the world. It is considered one of the best crystals for gardening and agriculture because of its power to promote abundance. It is also known as “gardener’s stone”, since farmers in Europe used to hang Moss Agate from their trees to help with bountiful, successful harvests.

Zenkeeper 1Lb Raw Moss Agate Crystal Stone Rough Gemstones Fountain Rocks

This purifying stone can also help connect to the earth’s energy and to develop a special understanding of the natural world around us. It is claimed by many individuals that their plants experience particularly abundant crop yields or exceptional growth when Moss Agate is placed in the pots of plants, in the soil of their gardens, or around their yards.

Black tourmaline: protective, power of clearing negative energy, soothing energy

Black tourmaline is part of the tourmaline family and it’s connected to grounding and protection. It was found for the first time in 1400, in Saxony, Germany and, since those days, it has been largely used for keeping negative energies away. Lining the perimeter of your garden with this stone is helpful for absorbing negative energy and for reviving dying plants.

DANCING BEAR Black Tourmaline Crystals

Green Aventurine: abundance, prosperity, growth

This healing crystal encompasses both water and earth energy and is thus a perfect complement to indoor plants. Its light to dark green appearance is likely to attract butterflies and bumblebees and can help new plants set their roots. This stone is said to bring good luck and can help manifest abundance, prosperity and growth in the life of your green friends. In addition, green aventurine can protect against geopathic stress.

LAIDANLA Green Aventurine Natural Rough Stones Crystal Large Raw Crystals

How to use these gardening gemstones

Introducing crystals in the garden doesn’t just limit to placing them in the soil or above its surface. In fact, there are many other ways in which crystals can be used to improve your plant life and ward off harmful energies.

Water plants with charged water

Charged water is a powerful elixir which you should prepare one day before watering the plants. Making it is really easy. To charge your water with crystal energy, simply place your chosen stones at the bottom of a jar or watering can and fill with water. 

charging crystals

Let the mixture soak up the sun for a full day to infuse the liquid with both the crystal’s energy and the sun’s nourishing rays. Once it’s fully charged, simply remove the stones and use the energized water to give your plants a boost.

We suggest doing some research before choosing your crystals, as some of them are not well suited to water exposure, or they could be soluble or toxic.

For optimal results, incorporate this elixir into your weekly routine or, for an extra boost, align your crystal watering with celestial events like full moons.

Place crystals in plant food

Another way to nurture your plants with the best crystals for gardening is to put these precious stones in plant food. For this to bring maximal results, the crystals need to sit in plant food for at least twenty-four hours. Then you can remove them from the plant food and feed it to your indoor or outdoor plants.

To enhance the effects, you can even consider making your own plant food, which will make you reduce costs and waste, as it’s the case with this super easy banana peels fertilizer.

Place crystals in the soil or above it

The most common way of using crystals for plants is to place them in the soil or above it. You can put the crystals in the plant pot, close to the deep roots. The closer you put the crystals to the roots, the easier it will be for the plants to absorb the crystal healing energies, so this is particularly indicated to revive sick plants.

However, if you would rather not bury the crystals because you don’t want to hide their beauty, you can choose to arrange them in decorative patterns on the soil.

Create a protective perimeter, a crystal grid, or a sacred space

Another way to stimulate growth and amplify energy in the entire garden is to create a protective perimeter of crystals around it, which will ward off pests, environmental pollution, or even negative energy. Clear quartz, black tourmaline and moss agate work wonderfully well for this.

If you don’t have a garden, you can arrange your stones into a crystal grid to surround your house plants with natural energy. A crystal grid is a specific arrangement based on sacred geometry, which amplifies energy for a set intention.

If you want to bring the power of crystals into your garden, consider creating a crystal garden – a peaceful, sacred space filled with plants and uplifting energy. Not only will you feel the protective energy of the gemstones surrounding you, but you can also take a moment to relax, meditate, and connect with nature and its spirits. Imagine the perfect place to unwind, surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of the natural world.

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