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why, how, and when: repotting your fiddle leaf fig

  • Mar 28, 2022
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To re-pot, or not to re-pot? Repotting fiddle leaf figs is a quick and easy process with the right supplies and timing. This is how to do it:

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how often to repot plants? 5 signs it’s time to do it now

  • Mar 26, 2022
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Figuring out how often to repot plants is both an art and a science. Learn how to read your plant's cues that it's time for a new home in this guide.

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how to repot succulents: a beginners guide to repotting succulents

  • Dec 14, 2021

If your succulents are looking a little sad, then repotting them into some fresh soil may help. Here’s how to repot succulents for happy and healthy growth.

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