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hey, plant mama

You love your plants and so do we.

You spend hours a day inspecting their leaves, hoping for the tiniest hint of new growth. You carefully peel back dead layer, repot on a schedule, and use only the best fertilizer with the best tools to make sure they are living their best lives ever.

And why shouldn’t you? Plants are life (literally).

The problem? 

The gardening industry is a big one and there are lots of corporate looky-loos trying to cash in on this (mental health saving) trend. 

Hey, us too.

But the difference between The Man and us is that we have killed and saved many indoor plants. We have purchased all of those lame tools and fertilizers they recommend. We have wasted our money and our poor little plant souls on poorly written and researched recommendations that care too little about your plants and too much about the cash money.

So we decided to do something about it: we started testing this shit for ourselves.

We wanted to know

  • what makes plants happy?
  • what  are the environments they truly thrive in?
  • and which products can help us re-create that for our plants?

And since the co-founders both have science degrees, one Master’s degree that requires empirical research and the other an ACTUAL PLANT DEGREE, we couldn’t help but test these things for ourselves.

And we thought… what if we could do this for a living? Like, make our obsession an actual paying job? And what if we could save all of the houseplants in the world while we did it??

So that’s what we’re doing here at The Indoor Nursery.  

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