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When it comes to creating unique, powerful and realistic music, few tools can compare to Heavyocity’s Scoring Guitars 2. This comprehensive collection of sounds, samples, and effects provides producers and composers with a comprehensive suite of tools to record and shape stunning compositions. Heavyocity has created a library specifically designed to evoke the qualities of acoustic and electric guitars, and has included a selection of bass instruments to enhance and round out the palette of sounds.

Heavyocity’s scoring guitars 2 library features more than 200 sounds and four content packs. It features a variety of warm guitar tones, ranging from flowing chords and emotive melodies to aggressive riffs and searing solos. All sounds are heavily processed, adding a wealth of dynamic colour and modulation to tracks and compositions. Producer’s can apply numerous modulation and dynamics effects to the samples to shape their sound, or use an in-built amplifier to capture their own characteristic tones.

The bass instrument selection is just as impressive. Heavyocity has sampled a variety of electric and acoustic bass guitars to create its suite of sounds, providing producers with the ability to create a wide range of realistic, unforgettable basslines. The range of tonal possibilities allows producers to compose bass soundscapes with a multitude of harmonic flavours and rhythms, creating an immersive and tightly woven soundscape of bass-driven energy.

Heavyocity’s Scoring Guitars 2 library is the perfect tool for producers looking to add depth and emotion to their music. It’s perfect for scoring film, television, and video game projects, giving producers an accessible and intuitive way of creating a broad range of natural-sounding guitar and bass sounds. With the combination of Heavyocity’s superb sound design and collection of the finest instruments, Scoring Guitars 2 is the perfect tool for producers seeking to take their compositions to a new level.

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